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Its founder & Executive Producer, Sumter J. Hogan Jr. established Sumter Television ( in 2001.  The show started on channel 19 in Maryland and eventually landed a spot on channel 25 in Atlanta, Georgia in 2005.  The year 2001 proved to be a pivot point in news after the September 11, 2001 tragedy.  There was a lot of patriotism and pride in embracing our country and people.  We embraced our next-door neighbors, our country and our military personnel and our allies (i.e. the UK).  During that time, everyone vowed to rid the world of senseless terrorism and violence.  


In the years since the attacks, Sumter found that a lot of news has shifted it's focused toward the views of the major players in Government and Business.  Finding a need for more intimate coverage of local news, the show started as whYtv.  The name was misspelled in order emphasize the "Y" of current journalism at that time. whYtv, was created to answer such questions as: 

  • Why do we see all networks reporting the same (mostly negative) news? 

  • Why are Blacks and other ethnic groups presented in such a negative light? 

  • Why is it we do not see news that is more positive?

  • Why do our public services cost so much?

  • Why is the budget of our great country mismanaged?

  • Why is education so expensive?

  • How can we correct negative stereotypes in advertising and other media?

These questions are some of the major issues continually ignored by our major networks in the name of the old mighty dollar.  As we all know, opinion of the masses is controlled through major media.  In the meantime, we need to engage and embrace our political and business agendas on a local level first to be more effective in changing the country as a whole.  Sumter TV feels so strongly about this that the focus has been on local business and political agendas.


The next show, “Keeping it Real”, is a spin-off show focusing on the spiritual and emotional needs of our community.  The show started around the same time as “whYtv”.  “Keeping it Real” featured local ministers, doctors, and community leaders that brought spiritual and emotional fulfillment to the community.  Through the emergence of “whYtv”, “Keeping It Real” and “Hogan And Hogan”, Sumter Television was born and developed into what it is today.  Our current show, "Healing Heart Moments" features Dr. Suzaunne Clark (co-Producer) and Stephanie Knight.  This show focuses on Life and the challenges it brings.  We thank God for the opportunity and the success that the show has witness thus far.




Sumter J. Hogan Jr.


Sumter Television (Sumter TV)

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